House of Light
Temple for Awakening Consciousness
  • Sacred Plant Medicine
    Plant Medicine is a guide, showing us the possibilities, but ultimately we are the ones that help those possibilities manifest.
  • Bio Energetic Healing
    A revolutionary and comprehensive system of natural healing techniques that uses prana, touch, breath and frequency to heal physical, emotional and psychological.
  • Life Coaching
    Guiding clients to overcome core issues, develop personal action plans, and help them move effectively toward achieving their goals. For couples, groups and individuals.
  • Community Activities
    Connect with like minded people and be part of an inspiring, uplifting and conscious community that offers a variety of monthly activities.
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Our Mission
Discover Complete Wellness at The House of Light: Your Path to Holistic Healing

Welcome to our sanctuary for awakening consciousness, where a tapestry of holistic healing modalities awaits your exploration. From transformative coaching and psychedelic therapy programs to the soothing embrace of energy and sound healing, invigorating breath-work sessions, revitalizing cold plunges, and heartwarming community activities – we offer a diverse spectrum of practices that harmoniously blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge techniques.

We invite you to remember that personal growth is not a destination, but an ever-unfolding journey. Just as a lotus flower emerges from the mud to bloom in full glory, so too can we continuously learn, evolve, and flourish as individuals. Embracing change and venturing into new experiences unveils hidden passions, amplifies strengths, and awakens latent talents within us.

Within the embrace of The House of Light, you'll find more than a space – you'll discover a supportive haven where healing intertwines with guidance and compassion. As you tread on your unique path towards complete wellness, remember that here, you're never alone. Join us as we navigate the labyrinth of life together, illuminating the way toward a brighter, more enlightened existence.

Cinderella and Jay Jimenez
Meet the Founders

Cinderella De Groot - Jimenez
Cinderella's life has been a tapestry woven with threads of resilience, empathy, and global exploration. A hurricane survivor who has weathered both literal and metaphorical storms, she emerged from the chaos with an unwavering determination to guide others through their own trials. As a multiracial mother, her journey has been one of diversity, teaching her the beauty of embracing different cultures and perspectives.

Having traversed the far corners of the world, Cinderella's experiences have gifted her a unique lens through which she views the human condition. Her heart is a repository of empathy, shaped by the challenges she has faced and the people she has encountered. Cinderella intimately understands what it means to rebuild from the ground up—having lost her home, her family, and her career. Her tenacity and compassion empower her to extend a helping hand to women ensnared by the clutches of stagnation, guiding them towards a path of renewed purpose and self-discovery.

Jay Jimenez
Jay's life story is a testament to the indomitable spirit of a Purple Heart Veteran who triumphed over the wounds of war and the scars of a traumatic childhood. His journey, marked by adversity and resilience, has sculpted him into a beacon of hope for those grappling with their own inner battles. Emerging victorious from the darkness of poverty and abuse, Jay embodies the power of human resilience and transformation.

A staunch advocate for perpetual growth, Jay lives by the mantra "Growth never stops." His very existence is a testament to this ethos, having reinvented himself time and again. His experiences have imparted him with an intimate understanding of the profound impact of trauma on the psyche and the body. With unyielding determination, Jay strives to empower men to conquer their own tribulations, nurturing a community of strength, courage, and camaraderie.

Our message to you
Cinderella and Jay, disparate yet united in their dedication to uplifting others, know that personal growth is a journey without a finish line. Their lives stand as living proof that evolution is an eternal process, one that invites us to welcome change and embrace novel experiences. Through their unique perspectives and experiences, Cinderella and Jay illuminate the boundless potential within each of us—a potential waiting to be uncovered, honed, and shared.

What our customers say
  • Carly B.
    Clients Relations Manager
    “I could not recommend The House of Light and Cinderella and Jay, more highly. After struggling with unexplained infertility for some time and attending the divine women’s circle with Cinderella, I learned that kambo had the power to help with fertility. I booked a session the next day! Jay’s guidance through the entire process of receiving kambo made me feel calm and safe through the entire experience. After just two beautiful sessions with kambo I found out I was pregnant. I couldn’t believe it! I still regularly attend the divine women’s circles because they bring me so much grounding, healing and community. My life is forever changed and my family and I will always be grateful to both of them for all of the healing and blessings they bring into the world."
  • Jamie V.
    ”I am so thankful to be apart of cindy’s 6month program! working thru all of my old core beliefs and being more aware of my self sabotage i’m finally living a more mindful lifestyle. it’s not just a 6month program because you get to keep all the modules!  I love being able to go back and rewatch the videos, it’s so helpful with the way I learn and take things in. I’m so grateful for having this extra support to continue with my practice” ☺️
  • Brittney B.
    ”As a mother and business owner, I'm often overstimulated. Most times I don't feel grounded but after my plant ceremony, I was able to recenter and get grounded. Being grounded helps me focus.“
  • Marylin
    "Thank you again for the amazing reading & helping me connect the dots. The combination of plant medicine & the reading has given me a lot of hope & motivation to pursue my yoni steaming business. As well as make better choices in all aspects of my life!"
  • Katy E.
    "Things have been wonderful for me! This is the longest I have gone without alcohol and I have to say, I’m absolutely shocked! I’ve been drinking everyday since 2005 and it had started taking a toll on my body, mind, and spirit. I can’t believe it. I’ve also lost 9lbs of fat since the 12th which is just incredible. I’m eating better, taking in lots of water, and my thoughts are not negative which was always depressing for me. I feel REBORN and am enjoying life and seeing things with a different perspective."
  • Caroline W.
    PHD Student
    "The healing treatment helped me get back to my energetic self. I tried to manage the funk and stress that had built up in my life with a regular therapist, yoga, solo meditations etc. but nothing was helping. After my treatment with the House of Light, it was like a fog had lifted. I had energy again and was ready to move forward."
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