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Re-connect to your divine feminine essence, develop your intuition,
and shine from within.

Cinderella de Groot-Jimenez (The House of Light) and Dr. Maartje Hidalgo (She Shines Services) are two Virgo women who are on a mission to empower other women, help them strengthen their feminine essence, develop their intuition, and shine from within.

Your Mentors
Maartje (Marsha) Hidalgo

Creator of She Shines Services | www.sheshinesservices.com, a platform of products and services to empower women to shine from within. Empowerment comes from giving women the keys to their queendom. These keys are made from a few core elements: what you need in life to feel good, what lights you up, and what light you shine upon others. She combines evidence-based practices with spiritual methods to bring you holistically back to you!

  • Founder of She Shines Services™
  • Certified Reiki Healer
  • Certified Kundalini Reiki Master
  • Akashic Records and Tarot Reader
  • Doctoral (PhD) degree in the field of human performance optimization (HF-IE)
  • Master's degree (MS) in clinical neuropsychology with certifications in:

Dialectical behavioral therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy

Schema-focused therapy


Cinderella de Groot

Creator of the House of Light is on a mission to empower women to follow in her footsteps and make their mark on the world. Encouraging them to discover their joy and purpose, she advocates breaking free from societal stigmas and expectations. Cinderella finds joy in inspiring women to connect with their intuition, reclaim their power, and recognize their capabilities by embracing their authentic selves.

  • Founder The House of Light 501-3(c)
  • Founder Relaxercise™
  • Certified Advanced Pranic Healer
  • Certified Reiki Master
  • Certified Soul-Realignment Practitioner through Akashic Records
  • Certified Mommy and Me Yoga Instructor
  • Intuitive Reader and Healer
  • Retreat Facilitator
  • Spiritual Integration Life Coach
Sacred Soul Certification Level 1
Intuitive Healer and Reader - 6 Modules - Start in March 2024

Energy Healing
Explore various healing techniques, enhance your healing skills, and receive an introduction to Kundalini Reiki.
Divine Feminine
Discover the distinctions between the divine feminine and masculine energies, and master the art of crafting sacred rituals.
Intuitive Development
Gain insights into the concept of intuition and its development. Explore the distinctions between the Ego and Higher Self, along with the practice of meditation.
Auric field and Chakra's
Acquire skills in assessing, harmonizing, and purifying your energy field.
Intuitive Reading
Acquire proficiency in utilizing a pendulum, tarot cards, oracle cards, and accessing akashic records.
Soul Alignment
Discover the art of manifesting your desires through crystal grids, journaling, and affirmations.
Become a
Certified Intuitive Healer and Reader - Level 1
Training start in March 2024

We bring our education and experience as healers, and combine it with down-to-earth realness. We both have young children, are driven, entrepreneurial, and still found ways to fulfill the call of our souls. You can too!

Do you want to join a group of women who want to respond to their calling of diving into their feminine essence and embrace their intuitive gifts?

Are you ready to respond to that inner voice that says it is time to develop, strengthen and connect to your most authentic self and truly find purpose & fulfillment in daily life?

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