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meditation & yoga recordings
Recorded by Cinderella de Groot, these meditative recordings guide you on an introspective journey, facilitating the release and healing of aspects within ourselves that no longer contribute positively. Each meditation is centered around a distinct theme. Enjoy!
Meditation Blissful Mind
Meditation Chakra Healing
Meditation Heart Healing
Meditation Higher Self
Meditation Mindful Breathing
Meditation Releasing Fears
Meditation Smile and Be Happy
Meditation Inner Child Healing
Yoga Sequence for Relaxation 1 - video instruction
Yoga Sequence for Relaxation 2 - video instruction
Yoga Sequence for Backpain - video instruction
Chakra and Auric Field Cleansing Sequence - video instruction
Located in CA and FL
Open: mon-fri from 10:00AM to 5:00PM PST/EST
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.